venerdì 22 luglio 2016


Due giorni fa ho raccolto oltre un chilo di pomodorini nani: Hahms Gelbe, Eterno Giallo, Eterno Rosso, Minibel e Datterino.
(1) Raccolto del 20 luglio 2016

Tra le mie piantine di pomodorino a crescita nana, spicca una piantina che ho chiamato Datterino. La pianta madre è nata inaspettata alla fine della scorsa estate in un vaso dove avevo coltivato un carosello. 
(2) Pomodorino Datterino 2015
(3) Pomodorino Datterino 2015

Ho curato questa piantina fino a inverno inoltrato finché sono riuscito a fare semi freschi. E quest'anno ne sto coltivando due.
(4) Pomodorino Datterino 2016
(5) Pomodorino Datterino 2016


Two days ago I harvested over one kilo of dwarf tomatoes: Hahms Gelbe, Eterno Yellow, Eterno Red, Minibel and Datterino (pic 1).

Among my dwarf growth tomatoes, a plant I've named Datterino outshines the rest of the company. The mother plant came out unexpected at the end of  2015 summer in a pot where I'd cultivated a carosello vine (pics 3 and 4).

I overwintered this plant till I was able to save seeds. And this year I'm cultivating two Datterino plants (pics 4 and 5).

2 commenti:

  1. Dear Giuseppe,

    I am so glad that the Hahms Gelbe are still doing well for you!

    I moved to a new place in September, so we have been busy transitioning. There is very little area for gardening, but it does have a balcony. I suppose you will have to teach me a little about balcony gardening! (=


  2. Hi Jay,

    Hahms Gelbe is amazing! It's a myth that all yellow tomatoes aren't tasty. Hahms Gelbe is very savoury instead. My next post will be about this dwarf variety.

    As regards your balcony, I suggest you to cultivate some carosello vines as well. Did you read my recent post about the Carosello Round Massafra? I cited what you wrote about it a few years ago. I'll cite you again when I post about Hahms Gelbe.